Please find below some of many Namaste Holistic Center's positive patient's testimonies.

"Dr. Mora and acupuncture gave me the hope, mobility, and a life-changing experience when I was wheelchair bound and unable to care for my kids and myself."

M. Patino, (2013) - Fibromyalgia

"Good Afternoon Dr. Mora. Meet our baby. Thank you for making it happen. We really appreciate it."

A & E (2015) - Infertility

"She turned! She is head down (baby was on breech presentation). I can't thank you enough!!!! You played an instrumental part in allowing me to have the birth experience I was hoping to welcome Olivia the world."

A.H. (2016) - Fetal Malposition

"This message is for Dr Sandra Mora-Viera. My name is A. Llorens , I am send you this message to thank you for helping me with my exam for the police department . The two acupuncture sessions changed my back completely and gave me the strength to give it my all on my exam. Helped me to handle stress and also took away my nervousness I had on the exam . I honestly can say I couldn't have done it with out your help, and I am glad to inform you that I passed the test in the top of my group. Thank you very much."

A. Llorens, 27 (2015) - Back Problems

"I got a sport injury, severe lumbar sprain, and my back got twisted. Before & After my very first treatment, my posture improved and so did my backache instantly. Thanks Doc!"

W.James, 44 (2015) - Lumbar Sprain

"Dra Sandra: Thank you so much for helping me to overcome the Bell's palsy attack. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the excellent care you have provided since the moment I met you. I appreciate your kindness and your wonderfull skills".

Weller, C (2016) - Bell's Palsy

"After trying everything from cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory meds for my severe shoulder pain I decided to try Accupuncture. I was a total non believer but I was desperate for some relief. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Mora and was very honest about my doubts that she could help. However after 4-6 treatments the pain is totally gone and life is good again. I am still amazed by the process but I am definitely a believer in the wonders of Accupuncture. Thanks again to Dr. Mora for her kindness and patience helping me heal."

F. Debbie, 56 (2016) - Shoulder Pain

"Dr. Sandra has been helping my son Stefano in decreasing his chemo side effects. With only two sessions so far he has felt so much better with a lot more energy and nausea and vomiting free. Thank you Doctor Mora for your great help"

T. Roth (2015) - Chemotherapy Side Effects

"Wonderful experience with Dr. Sandra Mora. She received me of my severe neck and shoulder pain. Can't wait to see her again to help with other concerns."

C. Benavides, 29 (2015) - Severe Neck and Shoulder Pain

"Dr. Mora-Viera is just amazing and caring. I went to her with severe sciatica nerve pain, that would make me cry out in pain with every step. I was prescribed with very strong pain medications. A close friend recommended acupuncture. Did not hesitate to make an appointment. Just say she has been a Godsend. I did not know what to expect, was a little nervous. Dr. Mora-Viera put me at ease. I can tell that I'm a very happy and satisfied patient. I can smile again. I would and will highly recommend her. I feel she is very qualified in her field of Acupuncture Therapy. Thanks!!!!"

Cheryl J. ( June 2015) - Severe Sciatica Nerve Pain

"Hi Dr Mora. Here is my little miracle (baby's picture no posted) that with God and your help came into my life 3 weeks ago. His name is Miles. I hope you can meet him one day. Thank you again for everything!"

Martinez M, 35 (2014) - Infertility

"After having migraines for much of my adult life I found myself using daily medications to try to keep them at bay. Almost a year ago, my medications quit working leaving me in pain for weeks. Through a friend I discovered Dr. Mora and the help of acupuncture. With Dr. Mora's treatment of both acupuncture and diet I have found relief from my migraines and identified my triggers and I am so very thankful."

Erin B, 29 (2014) - Migraines

"The Test is POSITIVE!. I'm so excited, it's really, really hard not to tell anyone until the 3rd month of pregnancy! It's the Blossom (Chinese Herbs) and Acupuncture so we owe it all to you because we've been treated for infertility and trying for a year and nothing!. Thank You! You are our Guardian Angel!"

N & C (2014) - Infertility

"Dr. Mora is amazing. She's so comforting and has treated my tendinitis. I was not a believer of acupuncture at first, but after seeing her, I'm totally a believer now! I highly recommend her to help heal any pain."

S. Mujica, 29 (2013) - Tendinitis

"I was scheduled for labor induction and probably ending with a c-section. I refused to believe that was the only option for my baby's delivery then I decided to go for acupuncture treatment. I was able to relax and my body positively responded; natural delivery for our beautiful and healthy baby! Namaste."

P. Mayorga, 37 (2012) - Fetal Malposition