The Balance Method is a specialized discipline within Oriental medicine.

Balance method was developed by the great Late Master Dr. Richard Tan, a unique practitioner (Chinese Medical Doctor and Ph.D. Industrial Engineer), who bridged the two worlds of traditional chinese medicine lineage along with a logical system way of treating patients: "Li Gan Jian Ying" (which translate: Stand a Pole and See a Shadow) = Place a needle and you will see immediate results.

Dr. Tan was a former Aerospace Engineer, also trained in Martial Arts as a child. Dr. Tan truly embodied the "old school" combining with the "new school". Using his traditional knowledge handed down to him by his teachers as a kid; learning martial arts, the classics, and chinese medicine from his father and other teachers; he coupled this with his college engineering background, creating a system of acupuncture that is truly genius. This system of acupuncture is the most effective system of acupuncture for treating pain. Balance Method Acupuncture works immediately.

What makes Balance Method Acupuncture unique is that it provides the following:

-A sense of Balance in your life.,
- high success rate through a series of treatments.
- Individual specific attention to your problem.
- Needling done on Arms, Legs, & Head. Patient remains fully clothed.
- Faster overall recovery times.
- Pain relief within seconds of needle insertion.

Currently, Dr. Sandra Mora is one of the few practitioners of Oriental medicine in Florida, practicing the Balance Method. Balance Method practitioners make up only about ten percent of all acupuncturists or doctors of Oriental medicine. Most Balance Method Practitioners focus only on acupuncture strategies.

How Does Balance Method Strategies Work?

Oriental medicine is based on an energetic model rather than the bio-chemical model of Western medicine. Consequently, this energetic model relies on a check and balance system to keep the body in optimum health. Each one of the body’s organs and corresponding channel or meridian is connected to others via a complex network of inter-relationships. Utilizing the knowledge of these relationships, your practitioner of Oriental medicine is able to achieve stronger, more effective treatments using either acupuncture, herbal medicine or both.

What conditions can be treated with the Balance Method?

The Balance Method incorporates advanced techniques not normally acquired in colleges of Oriental medicine. Most conditions are well suited for being treated with the Balance Method (from any kind of pain, infertility, and stress). Certified Balance Method practitioners have a diverse set of acupuncture and herbal protocols at their disposal, allowing them to be very effective and efficient with patient care. These protocols go much farther beyond those acquired in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) training.

How is Balance Method different from TCM?

Many conditions may be alleviated very rapidly with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Even though both Balance Method and TCM use the same acupuncture points and herbal medicines, the way each system uses the points and herbs is quite different. The goal of TCM and Balance Method is to achieve a healthy mental, physical and emotional state in the most rapid possible manner, helping you to handle stress. Balance Method happens to achieve this healthy state more quickly. As in any form of healing, the patient's attitude, diet, determination and lifestyle will affect the outcome of a course of treatment. Patients are encouraged to actively participate in their healing process.

Although Oriental medicine can treat most conditions, there are circumstances that can be dealt with more effectively by Western medicine. In such cases, your Acupuncture Physician will recommend you contact a Western medical doctor. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine should be seen as complementary to Western medicine.